Time Module Series Regular Pants-Tm - Navy

Time Module Series Regular Pants-Tm - Navy

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Smart Security

REGULAR PANTS have been developed for travelers, and it is a series focused on the maximum security for valuables.
Made with unique pattern work for making a long flight comfortably.

  • Material: TIME MODULE
  • Concept: The Finest (FIRSTCLASS) Suit Line in TEATORA‘s Standard
  • Function: Shape Recovery
  • Composition: Polyester 100 %

Equipment & Function:

Security Cargo Pocket

A zipped long wallet sized pocket hidden inside of the diagonal pocket is able to keep your passport and boarding pass.
It provides high security by direct access with your hand in the pocket, and designed for using the pocket easily without standing up in the limited cabin space.

Hybrid Belt

Depending on the situation the trousers can be used with a belt or without as an easy pants.


The Finest Suit Line in TEATORA‘s Standard (FIRSTCLASS SUIT)

The TEATORA’s highest class suit line, TIME MODULE.
A very classical appearance of the outer layer.
Once you wear it yields a wide range of motion as like a sportswear.
Dynamic storage has equipped unimaginably from the smart appearance once you cast a look the inside.
The equipment like a character in a spy movie will upgrade your formal scene.
Once you let your arms through the sleeves of TIME MODULE, any other suits you had always would be the past.
No need to feel stress for the restriction of moving freely, neither having a bag just to store valuables.
With its overwhelming silhouette TIME MODULE will escort you elegantly in any scene.
The dynamic range of motion will release you from the tightening and the high-capacity storage which is large enough to fit an iPad will make you hands-free in any situation.



Hybrid of elegance and easy care.
TIME MODULE is the exclusive fabric which has both comfort and elegance, has been developed for the concept of the TEATORA’s finests.
The immense shape recovery force is unimaginable from the elegant appearance.
Any wrinkles recover by stroking and the process recovering is like rewinding time.
This liberates you from tedious care of suits and produces your formal scene more perfectly.

SIZE 3 4
WAIST 32 34
INSEAM 26.5 27
HEM WIDTH 7.5 7.5


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