Up In The Air - Travel Essentials From Teatora

The TEATORA Deep Navy Packable Jacket is a foundational garment. It offers a classic silhouette but with increased functionality. Pair this with a crew neck shirt, sweater or a simple button-up shirt—this jacket can be worn with the matching pants or jeans.

The garment loop is designed to support more than the weight of jacket, anticipating pockets full of gadgets.

You’ll find extra storage like two inner-breast pockets(left) and a sneaky one near the back vent(right).

Inside the front flap pockets is an extra-secure zipped compartment.

With the TEATORA Deep Navy Packable Pants featuring an elastic waist band, belts are optional.

Rubber tipped waist band ties are functional and durable(left). The loop in the pocket is perfect for securing keys(right). 

The back pocket zipper-pull is discreetly hidden in a side pocket.



The jacket above and pants below, packed and ready for your next port of call.